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You don´t have a life. You are life.
Yoga is now. You are now.


Develop power and inner excess to transform it into regulation and awareness.


Rembember who you are.
Let go and trust in your body to give you all you need in this silence.

Teresa Moninger

I help to make room for innovations.


My youth was all about riding and running. These were the only things I was able to feel myself with. Due to many changes in my life I had to stop both of it. So, for the first time, there was space for something new and the ability to search for different means for a better self-disclosure.

During my two years of studying fitness management I rediscovered the powerful and fast elements of running and learned how to focus this power and pass it to others. As I missed the sensitivity I had experienced working with horses, I continued to search. I found myself sitting in a yoga lesson not much later. The experience of just being, instead of continuously evaluating myself, had been yearning for so long that it has become an essential part of my life ever since. It is why I am competent to teach in an authentic manner. And although I never planned this way of life, the power of sports and teaching kids and adults my own age encourages me to walk along the path of light, playfulness and accuracy.

• Apprenticeship and certificate: Fitness Manager Meridian Academ
• Apprenticeship: 200 RYT – Yoga teacher training Unit Yoga Hamburg (Vinyasa Power Yoga)
300 RYT – Yoga teacher training School Yoga Institute Mystical Yoga Farm Guatemala (Shamanic
• Iyengar-Style Yoga advanced training “The Feet in Yoga“ with Christine Bader
• Iyengar-Stil Yoga advanced training „Opening rooms of heart“ with Christine Bader
• Advanced training Iyengar Yoga with Glenn Ceresoli atIyengar Yoga Hamburg Studio
• Acro Yoga Solar Immersion Berlin with Jason Nemer & Friends
• Acro Yoga Lunar Immersion Hamburg with Lucie Beyer & Almuth Kramer
• Thai Yoga Massage basic course & Hands free Thai Yoga Massage with Balazs Nemeth
• Licences: Trainer B License, Relaxation training license, Aqua license, Personal Training license, Workout license, Step Aerobic license, qualified Fitnessmanager, Vinyasa Power Yoga teacher, Thai Yoga Massage, Shamanic Yoga Instructor
• Yoga Instructor Corolla, Outer Banks, North Carolina

My Philosophy

Power meets tranquillity
All things and feelings on earth exist because there is a counterpart. The luminous flame appears brightest to me in absolute darkness. I appreciate the healing effects of silence the most when I am surrounded by hustle and bustle. I experience enlightening movement at ease when I come out of a state of numbness.

It is quite possible in this special urban atmosphere that is affected by enormous speed, spiralling excess, and the supply of all kinds of things, that a feeling of isolating loneliness in the midst of people is at constant contrast with the surroundings.
To experience being part of the speed, slowing down, and letting things pass by I consciously decide what I like to see, what I need, and what I can let go. This helps me to realise myself, and step outside in order to get in touch with people, situations, and my own life.

I like contrasts mostly because they complement each other magnificently. I teach flowing as well as keeping elements, and are therefore able to offer the possibility to include many aspects of life. I teach with accuracy and therefore I create room for playfulness.

I enjoy various counterparts, mostly because they grant freedom within my abilities to teach.

I don’t teach a concrete kind of style, but rather mix various ingredients that contribute to offering space for self-exploration and development.

Zusammen finden wir einen auf deinen Körper abgestimmten Trainingsplan.

My Offerings

Get an idea of my work.


Yoga one-to-one tuition
The one-on-one tuition comprises of a comprehensive anamnesis, followed by an analysis of your body’s needs. This is the basis for which we mutually create an individual training schedule. You receive comprehensive adjustments and inspirations for your own practical usage, which enables you to experience the positive effects of yoga on a deeper level due to this fine tuning. One-on-one tuition is just the right way to start with Yoga in order to learn the basics. As an advanced learner, you may attend the special Asanas. From a therapeutical point of view, the focus is set on special needs (e.g. joint or spine issues, Burn-Out-Syndrom, eating disorders, menstruation problems, restlessness, insomnia, et.).

The Yoga group lesson combines aspects of self-concentration with the dynamic energy of a group. You get to feel your body more intensively with the help of stretching and strengthening. This will assist you in being able to transform blockages, while also benefiting from the warmth and power that practicing in a group sends out. Pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation are an integrative part of the Yoga lesson, which will help you listen to the sound of the healthy silence within yourself. I place great value on the proper focus, according to the respective anatomy and are able to create individual lessons where the emphasis can be put on these various aspects.


Personal training is suitable for both, beginners and advanced learners who strive to work out with full attention and who want to systematically reach their goals with the help of a training schedule adjusted to their own body.
You can choose from the following fields:
• Back exercises
• Fitness
• Circuit training
• Stretch & Relax
• Yoga
• Weight loss
• Rehabilitation exercise after injuries
• Re-entry to sports
• Strength and mobility for horsemen and horsewomen

Personal Training findet je nach Wunsch bei dir Zuhause, am Arbeitsplatz, im Fitnesscenter oder in der Natur statt.


Thai Yoga Massage
This ancient art of healing which connects energy lines and pressure points with Yoga stretching activates self-healing powers and brings about increasing well-being of the body. The feeling of being at home within oneself is a rooting one and the touches can release physical as well as mental tensions. The traditional Thai Yoga Massage leads to increasing flexibility, energy release and relaxation.

One-to-one treatments
The massage is performed on the ground in light clothing. Every appointment starts with an individual conversation and ends with recovery time which allows to feel for the effects.


Without touching the ground
I trust you
I let myself be led by you
To look at the world from above
On my feet and hands
I offer you weightlessness
Will give you my strength as a gift
I am there for you, powerful and ready

Learn playfully the basic modules of Acroyoga, the different positions Base, Flyer and Spotter to strengthen your trust in yourself and in others. We start with a preparative Yoga exercise to enable you TO FIND TO YOURSELF. Afterwards you fly acrobatically and therapeutically so that you experience YOURSELF WITH OTHERS. Finally there is a Thai Massage sequence where you can recognise yourself IN OTHERS. You may attend the lesson by yourself or with a partner. You do not need any previous knowledge.


Mit einer Mischung aus Kampfsport & Yoga,
bieten wir ganzheitliches Training für Körper und Geist.
Wir holen Ihr Team vom Bürostuhl auf die Matte!

> Please download my flyer with further information here.


Children’s Yoga for kids from 4 years
What we do and what we like to achieve:
To experiment!

Asanas (Yoga positions) are taught playfully.
To feel!

• Besides from physical exercises on a mat, children’s Yoga teaches thoughtfulness and sensitivity with regards to social life, nature and environment. Children’s Yoga trains body awareness and increases the children’s self-confidence.
• Every exercise addresses a different part of the body, provides for a healthy posture and stimulates the mind.
• The exercises require and demand a great deal of balance and accompany the physical development of the children
• The continuous change of muscle tension and relaxation verifiably leads to a higher ability to concentrate
• Muscle tenseness and muscles which have been shortened at an early stage can be relaxed
• The number of participants is restricted to 10 children per group


Without the resistance of the ground you relax on my feet and experience a whole new dimension of detachment. Gentle twists and stretching relieve the spine and stimulate the flexibility while you can relax. A blessing for all of your muscles and your mind. Increased blood flow leads to the removal of accumulations and to a refreshing feeling of regeneration. Photo: Lilli Breininger

Gift card


Massage, Partner-Yoga, Personal Training


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Some impressions of my work.
Urban Yoga Nicaragua

Urban Yoga Nicaragua

Urban Yoga Nicaragua

Urban Yoga Nicaragua

Sisterhood- worldwide on full moon we sing songs to honor the feminine part within us and within every being.

Sisterhood- worldwide on full moon we sing songs to honor the feminine part within us and within every being.

Price examples

Offers are available for one-to-one tuition, groups or companies.
  • 75 minutes of Thai Yoga Massage
  • 100$
  • At your home within Hamburg or at my place
  • I bring along equipment and a mat
  • For recurring pain or persistent stiffness
  • Comprehensive adjustments
  • 100 minutes of personal training
  • 120$
  • Costs including travel expenses
  • At your home or at a nearby park, for example Stadtpark
  • Support at your fitness centre possible
  • Nutrition counselling
  • Creation of an individual work-out schedule
  • Therapeutical practicing concerning special needs
  • 90 minutes Yoga in a group
  • 110$
  • Costs may be shared among the participants
  • Groups from 3 persons
  • Combines the aspect of concentration on oneself with the dynamic energy of a group

Individual training requires individual prices.

Please send me an email or call me at: +49 176 569 323 49



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